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About UVO eServices

The UVO eServices is an option for the customers who purchased the vehicle in USA.

Before using UVO eServices

What is UVO eServices?

This is a KIA telematics service based on our cutting-edge IT system that makes your driving experience more convenient and fun and features safety, security, vehicle diagnostics, remote control and even smartphone synchronization functions.

Enjoy a smarter driving style with UVO eServices.

What is Telematics?

The word “Telematics” stems from the combination of telecommunications and informatics. It refers to an information system that provides a variety of driving information through the built-in terminal by analyzing each symptom and driving state. This allows for a much safer and more comfortable driving experience.

About Transmission and Reception of Radio Waves

K900's modem Radio Frequency Performance

UVO eServices performance and availability is impacted by the signal quality of the mobile communication network in the vehicle’s immediate location. Refer to the Antenna status display icon (uvo%20bluelink%20antenna%20icon_RJ_USA_ENG.png) for an indication of the signal quality. The UVO eServices system is available at one or more antenna bars.

Places where UVO eServices may be disrupted depending on the transmission/reception status: