DIS Navigation System

Listening to FM/AM Radio

  1. Press "RADIO" on the head unit. Or press [HOME] or [home%20icon_RJ_USA_ENG.png] > [Radio].
  2. Press [Band] > [FM] or [AM] on the screen.

The FM/AM screen of the most recent listened frequency is displayed.


Auto Tuning

Press "SSEEK/TRACKW" on the head unit. When a frequency is received, searching stops.

Manual Tuning

Turn “TUNE/FILE” on the head unit in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

Preset Tuning

Select the preset you want to listen to.

Saving FM/AM as Presets

A maximum of 40 frequencies can be saved manually as presets.

  1. Select the band (FM, AM) you want to store a frequency into.
  2. Select the desired frequency.
  3. Press [Menu] > [Save as Preset].


  1. Press [Save].

The frequency is saved.



  • If you want to save the frequency from [Preset] menu, press and hold [radio_favourite%20plus_RJ_EU_ENG.png].
  • When the frequency is saved on a preset of which another frequency has already been saved, the previously saved frequency is erased.

Scanning FM/AM broadcast station

This function scans all frequencies and plays only frequencies with superior reception for 5 seconds each.

  1. Select the band (FM, AM) you want.
  2. Press [Menu] > [Scan FM] or [Scan AM].



When the scan is operating, pressing the controller will stop the function and remain on the stopped frequency.

Station List

You can see broadcast station list with superior reception.

  1. Select the band (FM, AM) you want.
  2. Press [Station List] on the screen. Or press [Menu] > [Station List].


  1. Press the desired broadcast station you can listen to the selected broadcast station.

Reordering FM/AM Preset

This function reorders the frequency saved to presets.

  1. Select the band (FM, AM) you want.
  2. Press [Menu] > [Reorder Presets].


  1. Press and hold a preset, then move it up/down to reorder.

Radio Text On/Off

If current broadcast includes Radio Text information, the text information is displayed on the screen.

  1. Select the band (FM, AM) you want.
  2. Press [Menu] > [Show Radio Text].


  1. Pressing the [Show Radio Text] again will cancel the function.