DIS Navigation System


This menu describes vehicle settings.

Press [Setup] > [Vehicle].


Driver assistance

Displays information on the winshield.

  1. Press [Setup] > [Vehicle] > [Driver assistance].


  1. Select the desired items.

SCC respsonse

Adjusts the responsiveness of Smart Cruise Control th the acceleration of a leading vehicle.

Select the [Fast]/[Normal]/[Slow].

Driving assistance

Sets the driving assist functions.

Driver attention warning

Warns of driver inattentiveness and recommends a rest if needed.

Warning timing

The response speed of the driver assistance systems. Select the [Normal]/[Later].

Warning volume

The warning sound volume of the driver assistance systems.Select the [High]/[Medium]/[Low]/[Off].

Lane safety

Provides a warning when the vehicle leaves the lane.

Forward safety

Sets the forward safety functions.

Blind spot safety

Sets the blind spot safety functions.

Rear cross-traffic safety

Drive mode

  1. Press [Setup] > [Vehicle] > [Drive mode].


  1. Select the desired items.

Drive mode change alert


  1. Press [Setup] > [Vehicle] > [Lights].


  1. Select the desired items.

One- touch indicator

The number of times the turn indicator flashes when the turn signal lever is moved slightly.

[Off]/[3 flashes]/[5 flashes]/[7 flashes]

Headlight time-out

After the ignition is turned Off, the lights turn Off after approximately 15 seconds.


  1. Press [Setup] > [Vehicle] > [Door/Tailgate].


  1. Select the desired items.

Auto lock

Selection of the conditions when all doors should be locked automatically.

[Off]/[Enable on speed]/[Enable on shift]

Auto Unlock

Selection of the conditions when all doors will unlocked automatically.

[Off]/[Vehicle Off]/[On Shift to P]

Two Press Unlock

All doors are unlocked when the unlock button on the key is pressed twice.

Power Tailgate

The Power tailgate button can be used to automatically open/close the tailgate.

Power Tailgate Speed

The speed at which the power tailgate opens/closes.


Smart Tailgate

Automatic opening of the tailgate on approaching of the smart key.


  1. Press [Setup] > [Vehicle] > [Cluster].


  1. Select the desired items.

Service interval

An alert is displayed when a specified service interval is due.

Energy consumption auto reset

Condition for automatically resetting the fuel economy average.

[Off]/[After Ignition]/[After Refueling]

Content selection

Welcome sound

Greeting chime when the cluster turn On or Off.

Speedometer subscale

Displays of a secondary speedomester scale underneath the primary scale.


  1. Press [Setup] > [Vehicle] > [Convenience].


  1. Select the desired items.

Welcome mirror/light

Selects the condition when the outside mirrors will unfold and the door handle light will turn on automatically.

Wireless charging system

Wireless charging pad is enabled to be used with compatible devices.

Auto rear wiper (reverse)

Rear windshild wiper will automatically wipe if front wiper is on and gear poistion is in reverse.


Press [Setup] > [Vehicle] > [Reset].

Resets all Vehicle settings to factory defaults.